You have access to the best people 24 hours a day every day of the year.

The goal of all our services is to ensure your greatest comfort and wellbeing by adapting to your lifestyle. We also have a catalogue of exclusive services that can accommodate your demands and make you feel looked after at every moment.

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Privacy and security guaranteed with staffed reception and security service 24 hours a day

You will have staffed reception and security to ensure your security and respond to your needs whenever needed. Each apartment is also fitted with the best alarm systems to allow you to be at ease in your home.

A restaurant in which to enjoy carefully chosen, healthy menus

  • Healthy dishes and quality produce.
  • Menus adapted to your requirements.
  • A la carte service for special celebrations.
  • Small shop for occasional needs.
  • In-home service when you need it.
  • Private dining rooms.
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Health centre available 24 hours a day for your reassurance and wellbeing

We have the best healthcare professionals who will care for you and assist you when you need it. All our apartments have an alarm system that communicates directly with the health centre to ensure your safety and care at all times.

Cleaning and maintenance that ensure your home is cared for and kept in good condition

We recognise the importance of a safe and clean environment, and that is why we ensure that all facilities are cleaned and disinfected. Our specialised maintenance service ensures the good condition of all facilities so that they are ready to use when you need them. You will also have access to a laundry and dry-cleaning service that will allow you to forget about chores and enjoy your time.