The Philosophy of Las Arcadias

The idea of Las Arcadias was born in Spain in 1986 to provide adults in later life from a similar social and cultural environment with accommodation that would allow them to continue to live with independence and dignity, in their own apartment that they can furnish with their own furniture to their own taste, with access to the services required to make life more comfortable and secure, and communal spaces where – if they wish – they can host family and friends and socialise with like-minded people.

We seek to offer older adults a lifestyle as good as or better than the way they have always lived.

We have many services and communal spaces, and everyone is free to decide whether to use them. Our services can accommodate the needs of each person as those needs evolve.

At Las Arcadias, our staff are ready to help with our residents’ every request or need, from the smallest household issue to the most challenging.

Many of those services are included in the fixed monthly charge. Services that cannot be provided by our staff are paid for by residents at a small premium to cost.

Services are provided 365 days a year and some – such as security and the health centre – are there 24 hours every day.

Apartments have one or two bedrooms.

Although our apartments are always smaller than the flat or house that our residents have moved from, Las Arcadias has a number of ‘privatisable’ spaces (such as guest bedrooms, private dining rooms and function rooms for meetings) that can be booked when required without needing to have that space in an apartment to be paid for the whole time.

The shared spaces have been decorated by renowned interior designers with high-quality finishes.

The freeholder has a reserve fund to keep all common areas in a perfect state of maintenance and upkeep at all times.

Our rentals are for an indefinite term. Residents can leave at any time with no charge.

In a nutshell Las Arcadias
wants to make your life easier,
more comfortable and safer

and so we offer an environment that matches your lifestyle
and allows you to retain your independence, with whatever you want, whenever you want it.

Suited to you