a great team at your service

It’s time to forget the household work and spend your time doing what you enjoy most. The personnel at Las Arcadias are there to meet all your needs.


Our director is responsible for ensuring all the facilities operate smoothly and that the personnel acts professionally and effectively in all the tasks. Approach her whenever you need anything: she will be your person of trust.

over 25 professionals at your service

At Las Arcadias, our concierge service organises and attends all your needs on a daily basis. The security personnel employ a sophisticated camera system operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to monitor access to the building.

The nurses know all the residents, who to contact in the event of an emergency, monitor the medication of those residents who require it and offer advice on the ideal diets.

We have a chef and an exceptional restaurant team to serve you both at lunchtime and dinnertime with a delicious, healthy menu; the task of the cleaning and maintenance personnel is to maintain all the common areas of the building in a perfect state of repair.

And you can hire the laundry or home cleaning service whenever you wish. Just inform the concierge.